About PDC RentalsPDC Rentals is the Leader in Equipment and Supplies for the Sandblasting and Painting Industry

An authorized Entech dealer, we offer new and used dust collectors, as well as industrial vacuums for sale. Providing equipment rentals for multiple industries.

PDC Rentals established its roots in industrial painting services. Along the way, we found a greater need for professional cleaning equipment for industrial projects, leading to Pacific Dust Equipment’s creation. Chris Dunn, the owner, knows firsthand the importance of having clean, maintained, and well-running equipment for industrial cleaning projects. This commitment to quality and service has made PDC Rentals the leader along the west coast for dust collectors, industrial vacuums, and maintenance equipment rentals and sales.

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    Providing the newest and most innovative dust collection and maintenance equipment.

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    24 Hour Telephone Support, as well as Operator Manuals included with each machine – Guaranteed.

Our Services and productsDelivering the Best Industry Equipment

PDC Rentals takes machinery and support seriously. We provide support manuals, 24 hour phone service, meticulously maintained equipment to ensure your building maintenance project goes smoothly.


9DC Bipower Trailer

Dust can cause an array of problems in industrial and manufacturing facilities. For example, dust can react with various chemicals...


16DC Diesel Power

Cyclone 16DC Diesel Power is a dust collection system that's backed by over two decades of jobsite proven performance, innovation,...


60DC Diesel Power

When the air quality is bad at a workplace, employers and workers suffer, often resulting in various adverse health conditions...


Hurricane 500 EM

Looking for trailer-mounted, industrial vacuums like the Hurricane 500 EM? Look no further. Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment is ready...

Hurricane 755

Hurricane 755

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we are recognized as the leader along the west coast when it comes to...


Hurrican 828

Whether you are in need of a trailer or skid-type vacuums for industrial cleaning projects, we have them here at...

The SureFit Handway Gasket

Accessories-The SureFit Handway Gasket

The SureFit handway gasket helps to facilitate the easy installation of the handway. It is efficient in getting rid of...

Modular Drum Cavuum Reclaim System

Specialized Systems-Modular Drum Cavuum Reclaim System

A modular drum cavuum reclaim system offers convenient and portable transportation of used abrasives. This solution is efficient in managing...

Integrated Systems

Specialized Systems-Integrated Systems

Abrasive blasting involves propelling a stream of abrasive materials onto a specific surface using high pressure components. The surface involved...

Indirect Fired Self-Contained Series

Indirect Fired Self-Contained Series

The Frost Fighter Indirect Fired Self-Contained Series is specifically designed for use in remote sites or those with no reliable...

Indirect Fired IHS ICe Fighter Series

Indirect Fired IHS ICE Fighter Series

For factories and construction sites looking for heavy-duty frost-fighting solutions, the Frost Fighter Indirect Fired IHS ICE Fighter Series is...

Indirect Fired IDHQR Series

Indirect Fired IDHQR Series

The Frost Fighter Indirect Fired IDHQR Series features a variety of heaters designed to handle unique frost-fighting needs. For example,...

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Is your electric heater bigger than it needs to be? Fret not, because Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment can help...

CAPS-150 kW Industrial Heater


Ever felt like you needed a heavy-duty air heater for your building? Look no further than Pacific Dust Collectors &...


AirPrep Systems – Moisture Separator

Are you looking to get a durable moisture separator system that is designed to work in dry and more arid...

Air Dryer System (ADS)

AirPrep Systems-Air Dryer System (ADS) – Desiccant Air Dryer

If you need to run critical applications in high humidity environments, it is important to use a reliable air dryer...

Aftercooler System (ACS)

AirPrep Systems-Aftercooler System (ACS)

Moisture is one of the largest factors that negatively affect blasting operations and overall productivity. That's why technicians require a...


Stack Pack Grit Recycling – Vacuum Skid

The Stack Pack Grit Recycling - Vacuum Skid provides the ultimate in safety, performance, and simplicity. It comes with a...


Stack Pack Grit Recycling – Recycle Skid

Do you need a grit recycling system that will suit your application and fit in the most confined places within...


Super Stack Grit Recycling – 8 Pot

ADI Super Stack Grit Recycling - 8 Pot is engineered to be a highly efficient grit recycling system ever made....

ACSI 2 stall shower trailer

2 Stall Shower Trailer

Are you looking for 2 stall shower trailers that you can use for leisure or emergency purposes in your respective...


4 Stall Shower Trailer

Looking for 4 stall sower trailers to accommodate the needs of employees who are exposed to dust and dirt all...



If you are considering investing in a mobile decontamination trailer that is Made in USA, you have come to the...


MS-2400/1000 Hi/Lo Mobile-Dry Units

Shop at Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment today to enjoy the best deals for heater and dehumidifier systems. We are...


MS 6000/5000 RC 2 Units

Are you looking for quality dehumidification equipment? If you are, you are in luck because Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment...


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Client Reviews

Kevin W.

The team at PDC has been a great distributor in the Pacific Northwest for Frost Fighter for several years. They provide great products and second to none service on our units when required. Chris and his crew stay up to date with our newest models and they always get the job done.

Derek P.

Working with PDC Rentals has always been an ease! They are always professional and on time with all of our projects. We look forward to working with them again!

Mark L.

PDC Rentals is a trusted, reliable and consistent provider of services and equipment for the recoating industry. They will utilize their many years of experience and knowledge to make sure your projects are completed to your satisfaction. Chris & Erin Dunn along with their accomplished staff value integrity and the friendships they build fulfilling the needs of their customers. As a supplier of EnTech Dust Collectors to the industry, we are proud to be associated with this fine team of individuals. We at EnTech stand ready to support PDC Rentals and Equipment to help them help you!