Dust is a very common problem. It is everywhere and may seem merely like a nuisance. However, many people fail to consider the fact that an excessive amount of dust in the air could be dangerous. Read on to find out more about dust and its effects, and why having a dust collector is so important.

Dust Particles in the Air

Tiny particles of dry solid matter in the air form dust. Dust can be found everywhere, but is generally classified into three main categories, including household, environmental and industrial. On the other hand, airborne particles that are wet are known as mist.

How Does Dust Come About?

Dust comes from a variety of sources. At home, household dust could be made out of things like dead skin cells, dirt, pollen, dust mites, fabric, food and even more. Environmental dust could come from dead insects, mites, plant pollen, animal fur and more. Industrial dust is usually a result of manufacturing or maintenance of the facility and a byproduct of the facility’s operations.

Industrial Dust

Various industrial processes could result in industrial dust. This includes operations like manufacturing and processing, including drilling, cutting, grinding and sawing. It can also come from chemical, materials and ingredients like sugar, flour and other pharmaceuticals. For industrial processes like welding, tiny particles known as “smoke” or “fumes” are produced.

Can Dust be Dangerous?

Dust is potentially dangerous, as they could trigger health conditions like allergies and plasma. However, the most dangerous type of dust is industrial dust. If inhaled or in close contact with large amounts, it could be harmful to the body. Furthermore, some dust is extremely combustible. This means that if there is an ignition source or some sort of friction, workplace explosions could be triggered. This may even lead to fire, and could result in undesirable consequences. To ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace, combustible dust should be collected and contained properly to prevent accidents from happening.

How to Identify Combustible Dust?

Metallic or organic dust could be highly combustible. To determine how combustible dust in your facility is, you could arrange for lab tests to find out. You can also use ASTM test methods to understand the dust produced in your facility. It is important to find out so that you can take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents from occurring in your facility.

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