Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment continually strives to be the leading provider of industrial vacuum and dust collection systems. From Cyclone Dust Collectors to Industrial Vacuums to Abrasive Blasting Equipment, our products are designed for a wide array of applications.

Popular Product Applications


Silica Dust Control Equipment

Inhaling crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis or even death. Removing this type of hazardous dust is important.



By-products in foundry activities include fine respirable dust, metal dust, and other ferrous foundry particulates.


Carbon Removal

Carbon black is a fine powder that is used in rubber applications such as manufacturing tires.


Hazardous Waste

Industrial applications may include power generation, petrochemical, chemical, food processing, and manufacturing.


Industrial Applications

Industrial dust collectors need to meet mining industry requirements in the 2.5-10-micron size Particulate Matter (PM) ranges.


Oil & Gas

Our dust collection systems are used in oil and gas pipelines, offshore platforms, and drilling rigs.


Sandblasting and Painting

Some contractors rent our dust collectors while blasting lead paint off tanks, bridges, and more.


Roof Vacuum

Our equipment ensures the safe removal of degraded insulation materials and dust on roofs.


Welding Fume Extraction

Our tools are designed to help remove smoke and welding fumes.

Choose Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment for All Your Industrial Applications

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