Foundries are factories where metal castings are done. In a typical foundry, metals are smelt into a liquid form, cast into molds, and allowed to cool. This way the metals are shaped into whatever shape the process requires them to be. All sorts of metals can be worked on in a foundry including iron, aluminum, zinc, and much more.The process of working on metals in a foundry tends to produce a lot of fine particulates including soot, dust, and fine bits of metal. These air contaminants can either be taken, filtered out, and safely disposed of or they can be allowed to accumulate in surfaces and pose a danger to the workers. At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we have a variety of equipment that can help clean up the air in your foundry and help make operations more efficient.


What is a Foundry?

Foundries are factories where metal is cast into various shapes to make it easier to use in manufacturing and other processes. By melting down the metal and casting it in a mold, it becomes possible to use the metal for other purposes.

In a typical foundry, temperatures will run high and the factory air is likely to be full of soot, metal particulates, smoke, and much more. There are hazards associated with this kind of environment. For example, long exposure to soot and smoke can lead to respiratory problems and well as eye problems.  A lot of these particulates can also find themselves on to the surface of equipment and machinery and cause these to malfunction.


Why Should You Use Dust Collectors in a Foundry?

Industrial dust and fume collectors are designed to remove particulates from the air and recycle the clean air back into the factor. If you are operating a foundry, then this matters because keeping your factory air clean of fumes and dust is important. With cleaner air in your foundry, your staff is less likely to suffer health problems. This helps to keep staff morale and productivity up. You are also more likely to get compliance certificates from federal and state authorities if you are taking an active effort to ensure that your foundry has clean air. Finally, you save millions of dollars in equipment repair and replacement as your current equipment is less likely to be damaged by air particulates.

Choose Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment for Foundry Dust Collectors

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we are always keen to ensure that you get the best in industrial dust collectors. We focus less on selling equipment to you than we do to help you solve a problem. You can depend on our experts to study your foundry and to come up with solutions that are tailormade for your needs. We pride ourselves in offering solutions that make sense. You will be glad to know that all our products are very energy efficient and are sure to keep your utility bills low. Finally, all our equipment is designed to be durable and thus you can be sure of excellent value for your money.

If you require assistance with choosing the right products for foundry, do not hesitate to contact us.