Whether you are working in the mining industry, construction sites, or oil & gas, you might encounter dust and debris while handling heavy equipment and machinery. Construction dust, however, is more harmful than those at your home. Encountering such harmful dust can seem trivial but it can cause adverse health effects and even result in death overtime. Silica dust is often found in construction and engineering sites and is one the main killer at work sites. As more than 2 million workers are exposed to silica dust each year, ensuring a workplace free of harmful dust is essential to prevent irreparable harm.


What is Silica Dust Control?

Silica is a chemical compound that is formed from oxygen and silicon atoms. Crystalline silica is a hazardous crystalline that can be found in natural elements such as rock, sand, stone, gravel, and clay. These materials are the basic materials used to build landscaping materials and building structures. They can be commonly found in tiles, concrete, glass, ceramics, bricks, and a variety of plastic composites.

At excavation and mining sites, crystalline silica becomes disturbed and disperses through the air. Employees, employers, and contractors must understand what they are working with and the risk involved in encountering silica dust.Therefore, silica dust control must be carried out in areas that are exposed to the harmful dust, ensuring effective control measures to prevent the spread of silica dust.


Why Should You Use Silica Dust Collectors?

Industries and business owners that work with earth’s natural elements must be conscientious of what is in the air that workers are breathing at a construction site. For that reason, silica dust collectors must be used to filter out harmful dust, unwanted gas, dirt, debris, and several other hazardous substances.

Additionally, unwanted dust and debris can cause vital parts of machinery and equipment to fail. With the help of silica dust collectors, dust and debris can be siphoned from the air before even settling down onto your equipment, saving you repair cost in the long run. Not only can silica dust collectors provide a clean and safe environment for workers, but they can certainly increase manufacturing efficiency as well.

Choose Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment for Silica Dust Control Solutions

Having silica dust collection equipment to purify the air can certainly provide tons of benefits. These dust collection systems are important to minimize and eliminate the hazardous substance from the air, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for workers. If you are in an industry that abides by the laws and regulations to ensure the safety of workers and the working environment, it is paramount that unwanted inhalants are removed to prevent adverse health effects to workers and costly fines.

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we are armed with a diverse range of dust collectors that are well-suited for your industry. Whether you are looking for the compact and lightweight Cyclone 6DC or the industrial-sized Cyclone 200DC, our efficient dust collectors can produce powerful results. Protect your workers by using our versatile and powerful dust collection machinery today!

If you require assistance with choosing the right products for silica dust control, do not hesitate to contact us.