Exposure to excessive amounts of dust is hazardous, causing breathing problems and even heart issues for your employees. A dusty workplace also creates slip hazards, clogs up controls, impacts, and clogs ventilation. You might think that sanding drywall or working with stone, and concrete are not as dangerous as jobs like welding, but they can be just as harmful over time.

Dust collectors and air dryers play a vital role in reducing dust hazards in the workplace. Maintaining clean and healthy air quality has the added bonus of increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Workplace Dust: More common than we think

It is important to note that dust hazards in the workplace are more common than you think. "Blue-collar" industrial and construction environments deal with high amounts of dust.

For example, the cement industry involves mining, crushing, mixing, and kilning rock. All these steps create large amounts of dust, which can become a major concern for employee health. To prevent dust from becoming a problem, equipment, including dust collectors and air dryers, should be installed to capture dust particles and improve overall air quality.


Dust Collectors: Don't 'BLOW OFF' the Dust

Dust Collectors are designed to collect dust particles directly from the source. These systems are perfect for environments with high volumes of dust. In addition, this system is a mechanism that screens dust, pollutants, and other harmful dust hazards.

By installing a dust collection system, your job site will experience improved worker efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and reduced downtime due to machinery failure. Dust collection systems such as the 9DC Bipower trailer reduce harmful particles from roaming your job site, so your workplace stays safe and clean.

Air Dryer System (ADS)

AirPrep Systems: Importance of Air Dryers

Like dust-collecting systems, Air Dryers effectively clean air through filters and other advanced technologies. Moisture is one of the most significant factors negatively affecting blasting operations and overall productivity. Failure to eliminate excess moisture in compressed air generated for industrial use can damage moisture-sensitive machinery. Our AirPrep Systems allow you to effectively regulate moisture in the air and reduce contamination.

Air dryers are used in the manufacturing, painting, engineering, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries. These systems are an integral part of any production process. Air Dryers are a great solution for preventing damage to machinery, eliminating water in the air, and effectively capturing debris and errant particles when combined with a dust collector.

Keep Your Environment Safe

Dust particles have been an issue in many industries for years, and it's important to take care of yourself as well as others on the job site. Dust can be dangerous if it builds up over time, so make sure to use the proper equipment and practices to minimize dust at all times. PDC Rentals has the equipment you need to get the job done right and keep your work environment safe!