When contaminants are firmly stuck on a surface, one of the most effective ways to remove them is through abrasive blasting equipment. In principle, this equipment directs highly compressed air mixed with another material (known as the media) which removes contaminants through friction. For example, a common media in abrasive blasting equipment is sand which when directed on a surface strips away any contaminants that may be on it. At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we are experts when it comes to abrasive blasting equipment. We can help you get a handle on the right equipment for your needs as well as ensure that it runs smoothly through regular maintenance.


Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)-0.9 cu ft.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots) 0.9 cu ft. are a favorite among factory owners due to their portability and ease of use.
1.5 cu ft

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)1.5 cu ft.

The Abrasive Blaster (Small Pots) 1.5 cu ft. is a portable blaster that is at home in any factory, construction site or similar sites.
3.5 cu ft.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)3.5 cu ft.

When it comes to productivity and ease of use, the Abrasive Blaster (Small Pots) 1.5 cu ft. is miles ahead of any competition.
6.5 cu ft.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)6.5 cu ft.

With a stable pot and a design that is easy to use, the Abrasive Blaster (Small Pots) 6.5 cu ft. is an ideal solution to all your abrasive blasting needs.
10 and 20 cu ft.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)10 and 20 cu ft.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots) 10 and 20 cu ft. are abrasive blasting equipment that is designed to meet the needs of modern industrial processes.
120 cu ft

Bulk Blasters-120 cu ft

Bulk Blasters 120 cu ft are designed to provide safe operations in the closure.
160 cu ft

Bulk Blasters-160 cu ft

With the Bulk Blasters 160 cu ft industrial equipment, customers can expect a safe operation of the closure because of the HALOK design.
Mini .9 cu ft

Multi-Media Blasters-Mini .9 cu ft

Buying the Multi-Media Blasters Mini .9 Cu Ft allows a customer to enjoy the efficiency of a machine that has wheels and a pipe handle.
1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 cu ft

Multi-Media Blasters-1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 cu ft

Multi-media blasters can deal with virtually any kind of abrasive media, from baking soda to steel grit...

Blast & Recovery Systems-MiniBRS

Blast and recovery systems are used when open-air blasting is not permitted or impractical...

Blast & Recovery Systems-BRS

The BRS system by Schmidt is the standard for blasting and recovering in the industry...
MiniBRS Blast heads

Blast & Recovery Systems-miniBRS Blast Heads

Whenever open-air blasting is not possible or permitted, you will want to make use of your blast...


As a dual-purpose abrasive blaster, the AmphiBlast – AmphiBlast makes use of a precise...
AmphiBlast Lite

AmphiBlast-AmphiBlast Lite

The AmphiBlast – AmphiBlast Lite is a simple and portable version of the AmphiBlast...
Mini AmphiBlast

AmphiBlast-Mini AmphiBlast

A dual-function wet/dry blasting system, the AmphiBlast – Mini AmphiBlast is lightweight and...
Bulk AmphiBlast

AmphiBlast-Bulk AmphiBlast

The AmphiBlast – Bulk AmphiBlast gives you the best of both worlds, incorporating the functions of...
Tera Valve XL

Metering Valves and Controls-TeraValve XL

This high performance and compact abrasive metering valve is able to provide pressure hold blasting...
Thomson Valve II

Metering Valves and Controls-Thompson Valve II

This valve works by shutting off abrasive flow to the nozzle while sealing the tank...
Thomson Valve II XL

Metering Valves and Controls-Thompson Valve II XL

The Thompson Valve II XL makes use of the latest advances in both abrasive metering...
Micro Valve 3

Metering Valves and Controls-MicroValve 3

The MicroValve 3 is amongst Schmidt’s abrasive metering valves which make use of the latest advances and designs...

Metering Valves and Controls-MicroValve 2

The MicroValve 2 provides precise metering of abrasive media, incorporating a range of improvements to enhance performance....

Metering Valves and Controls-ComboValve

The original ComboValve by Schmidt combines the functions of the blowdown valve and...
G2 Deadman

Metering Valves and Controls-G2 Deadman

The G2 deadman control comes in an option of electric or pneumatic....

Metering Valves and Controls-G2 Trigger Deadman

The G2 trigger deadman control is designed in a trigger style and comes in electric and pneumatic models....

Metering Valves and Controls-The VBS II

The VBS II is designed to suppress the intensity of the energy that arises during the vessel...
Thompson Valve

Metering Valves and Controls-Thompson Valve

This is the original Thompson Valve that changed the face of abrasive metering and control...

Metering Valves and Controls-MicroValve

This is the original MicroValve by Schmidt, which enables total control of the quantity of abrasive media used...
11 SX

Accustrip Systems-11 SX

This versatile system can be used for general cleaning and maintenance such as graffiti removal...
12 SX

Accustrip Systems-12 SX

The Accustrip Systems – 12 SX can be used for general cleaning and maintenance purposes including graffiti removal...
13 SX

Accustrip Systems-13 SX

The Accustrip Systems – 13 SX is a cleaning system that can be used for graffiti removal...
Custom Blasting Systems

Specialized Systems-Custom Blasting Systems

There is a wide variety of industries that make use of blasting systems...
Double Chamber

Specialized Systems-Double Chamber

Abrasive blasting is the action of forcing a stream of abrasive materials under high pressure...
Integrated Systems

Specialized Systems-Integrated Systems

Abrasive blasting involves propelling a stream of abrasive materials onto a specific surface...
Modular Drum Cavuum Reclaim System

Specialized Systems-Modular Drum Cavuum Reclaim System

A modular drum cavuum reclaim system offers convenient and portable transportation of used abrasives...
The SureFit Handway Gasket

Accessories-The SureFit Handway Gasket

The SureFit handway gasket helps to facilitate the easy installation of the handway...

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What are the Benefits of Using Abrasive Blasting Equipment?

Abrasive blasting equipment help to protect surfaces in a factory from corrosion. A number of contaminants that bind to surfaces have chemicals that may corrode surfaces. This leads to uneven floors (thus increasing the danger of trips and falls) but also may ruin these surfaces. Machinery also needs to undergo abrasive blasting in order to keep it free from contaminants. By doing so, you increase the productivity of the machinery as well as its durability.
Industries that Require Abrasive Blasting

  • Equipment
  • Industrial Processing
  • Metalworking
  • Powder Paint
  • Laser & Plasma cutting
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Automotive Castings and Components
  • Energy Pipelines
  • Semi-Conductor Power Solutions
  • Plastics
  • Paper Product
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Why Should You Purchase Abrasive Blasting Equipment from Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment?

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we understand that you have to keep an eye on your bottom line.This is why any recommendation that we make is backed by pragmatic business thinking. Our equipment is very energy efficient and so you can be sure that your energy costs will stay under control. We are very responsive when you call us for any service calls and our experts will have any cleaning equipment up and running in no time. This means that you suffer minimal downtime and this in turn leads to higher productivity.Want to know more about our abrasive blasting equipment? Do not hesitate to call Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment at 503-318-3860 or email us at [email protected].