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2DC Diesel Hepa Skid

In most industrial facilities that involve metal and woodworking, food and agriculture, chemical processing, or pharmaceutical....

6DC Diesel Power

Diesel trailers can be an excellent choice when it comes to industrial cleaning.

9DC Bipower Trailer

Dust can cause an array of problems in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

12DC Diesel Power Trailer

When an industrial facility is filled with dust, dirt, debris, or any unwanted chemicals or gases...

12DC Electric Skid

With dust, dirt, and unwanted chemicals or gases in the air, employees, and workers are...

16DC Diesel Power

Cyclone 16DC Diesel Power is a dust collection system that's backed by over two decades of jobsite proven...

20DC Diesel Power – Brand New Design, Wide Body

If you want to get an electric skid for industrial cleaning, you have come to the right place.

20DC Diesel Power

For those who are new to the industrial cleaning industry, it can be hard for them to find...

40DC Diesel Power

Commercial facilities, production factories, and various construction sectors can involve metal...

45DC Electric Skid

Electric Skids are perfect for industrial cleaning because they are durable and easy to use.

45DC Diesel Power

If you have been searching all over for a heavy-duty diesel trailer for industrial cleaning purposes...

60DC Diesel Power

When the air quality is bad at a workplace, employers and workers suffer, often resulting...

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What are the Benefits of Using Dust Collectors?

Industrial processes such as grinding, cutting, and so on produce a huge amount of fine airborne particulates that will settle down on surfaces. These particulates range from rock, sand, wood and much more, depending on the core nature of the business. Dust is not ideal in any factory as it poses a series of hazards to workers and the community around the factory. This is the reason why dust collectors exist. They are designed to remove these from the air to ensure that the air level is safe. The particulates that are collected are then disposed of properly and safely.

In a factory setting, particulates in the air can pose a number of risks. Apart from implicating the health of your workers, dust can also escape and end up in water bodies around the factory. Since this dust contains chemicals and other dangerous elements, it could lead to water pollution and affect human, marine, and other life around the factory. The dust may also mix with rainwater and comes down as acid rain. Before permeating into underground water tables and contaminating water supplies.

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Why Should You Purchase Dust Collectors from Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment?

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we understand the need for businesses to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. This can be achieved by ensuring that the air inside and outside the business premises is free from particulates coming from industrial activities which can be cleaned by our equipment. We also understand that businesses need to consider the financial aspect of running things. For this reason, you can be sure that our dust collectors are both energy and cost efficient. This keeps your costs as minimal as possible while allowing you to be compliant with environmental regulations.