16DC Diesel Power


Cyclone 16DC Diesel Power is a dust collection system that's backed by over two decades of jobsite proven performance, innovation, and product development. This product offers exceptional air handling and particulate collection capabilities, and can ensure the safety of all users.

About the 16DC Diesel Power
Check out the key features of the 16DC Diesel Power:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • High-quality finishes (e.g., acrylic urethane top coat or epoxy primer)
  • DOT approved trailer lighting
  • Air inlets designed to provide job-site versatility
  •  Top loading filters can be changed by a single operator
  • Hydraulically powered unloading augers
  • Filter baffle system extends filter lifespan and enhances pulse jet cleaning
  • Full engine enclosure protects against weather and vandalism
  •  Extremely low air-to-cloth ratio
  •  ... and more!