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Is your electric heater bigger than it needs to be? Fret not, because Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment can help you pick the perfect heater. Our heaters’ capabilities include heating, drying, calcining, melting – you name it! We offer different models for air heaters, at different capacities and we promise to match you with the perfect electric heater for your building or home. We provide support manuals, 24-hour phone service, and professional-grade equipment.

About the 50kW Heater

The 50kW heater is a professional-grade electric heater. Below you’ll find its specifications:

• 84” x 36” x 55 ¼” (w/ casters) OR 84” x 36” x 50 5/8” (w/o casters)
• 1,500 lbs
• Third-party listed by ETL (Canada and USA)
• Air temperature control capacity for entering and leaving
• Integrated duct clamps on each 20” inlet/outlet
• Easily accessible panels for serviceability that is efficient
• Hot dipped galvanized structural steel skid and cage
• Rugged design with tie-downs, forklift slots, heavy-duty skid
• Direct drive plenum fan
• VFD air volume control
• Master On/Off switch
• Pilot light for each heating stage
• Integrated casters
• Hardware that is resistant to corrosion
• …and more!