Aftercooler System (ACS)

AirPrep Systems-Aftercooler System (ACS)


Moisture is one of the largest factors that negatively affect blasting operations and overall productivity. That's why technicians require a steady supply of dry air to avoid flash rusting, clogging blast pots, and damaging control valves. Fortunately, we have equipment like AirPrep systems that offer high air treating capabilities and low pressure drops. Get the AirPrep Systems-Aftercooler System (ACS) from Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment today.

About AirPrep Systems-Aftercooler System (ACS)

Check out the key features of the AirPrep Systems-Aftercooler System (ACS):

  • Features a stainless steel particulate filter
  • Attracts condensed moisture that rises through its filter
  • Removes moisture and collects it in the bottom of its separator tank
  • Allows cool air to exit the tank and be used in abrasive blasting operations
  • ... and more!