Hurricane 755

Industrial Vacuum

At Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment, we are recognized as the leader along the west coast when it comes to maintenance equipment, industrial vacuums, and dust collectors rental and sales. We serve customers from Oregon, Washington, and California, with various items like Hurricane 755. With our products, you can keep your industrial cleaning projects perfect for your company and the people you serve.

About Hurricane 755

Hurricane 755 is a trailer-mounted vacuum that provides the following features:

  • Creates 27" of mercury and 3600 CFM
  • Powered with a John Deere Tier 4 turbo-diesel engine
  • Comes with double disc, iron plates at an 11.5-inch size
  • Vacuum airflow from Roots Dresser 3660 CFM
  • 3-Stage filtration system (Cyclonic separation, baghouse, high-efficiency safety filters)
  • 4.5 GSM 2200 SPI direct-driven hydraulics
  • Lockable steel shroud
  • 12-volt key start, safety system instrument panel
  • OSHA approved belt guard
  • Optional HEPA filtration
  • Remote emergency stop button
  • ... and more!