Dust collectors are very important in many industries, but it is especially important in some. This is true for the food processing industry, where it is critical to eliminate dust and other allergens in the air. Dust control is one of the biggest concerns within the food processing industry. No matter what kind of food processing facility it is, whether it is roasting coffee beans, mixing spices or even a central kitchen where food is constantly getting processed, it is important for an effective and efficient dust collector to help collect dust in the air. If there is dust within the processing environment, it should be captured immediately. Here are some reasons why dust collectors are important for the food processing industry.

Dust Collectors Improve Breathability

Dust collectors can actually safeguard and protect the health of employees working there. Excess dust in the air could make it difficult for employees and plant personnel to breathe, and could even trigger health conditions like asthma and allergies. With an effective dust collector to eliminate dust in the atmosphere, it will help improve the overall breathability within the food processing facility.

Dust Collectors Help Prevent Explosions

Although explosions may seem like a very far-fetched idea, very fine dust that has a high surface to volume ratio could become very combustible, especially in high concentrations. When there is friction or an ignition source, an explosion could be triggered, leading to negative and undesirable consequences. If you are concerned, you can arrange for lab tests to determine the degree of explosiveness for the dust in your facility. However, no matter what kind of particulate matter exists in your food processing factory, it is always a good idea to use a dust collector to prevent undesirable situations, like an explosion.

Dust Collectors Enhance Food Safety

Another practical reason why every food processing facility should have a dust collector is to prevent food contamination. Dust in the air could contain bacteria and allergens, and this can contaminate food products before they are wrapped or packaged. This is a big problem for products like gluten-free food, where cross contamination of flour could occur. When consumed by the customer who purchases the food product, it could lead to negative consequences, especially if the customer has allergies to these particular allergens. As such, having dust collectors in food processing factories and plants could actually act as a safety net to prevent allergens and other dust particles from contamination the food, thus keeping the plant clean and enhances the level of food sanitation.

After understanding why dust collectors are important for the food processing industry, you may be considering getting a dust collector for your own food processing facility. With the many dust collectors available out there, it may be a confusing task to find one that is most suited for your food processing plant. If that is the case, feel free to contact us today to find out more about dust collector options you can turn to. Pacific Dust Collectors & Equipment has a wide range of dust collectors for you to choose from, and you will definitely be able to find one suited for your business.